Ailments our massaging insoles treat to give foot pain relief

Did you know that over 75% of Americans will suffer some sort of foot  ailment over the span of their lifetime? Below are some of the most  common foot ailments and body pains. We have linked these ailments to  leading professional sources of information to give you the most  up-to-date information on these ailments.

LoveYourFeet Now! insoles can help alleviate and in many cases, eliminate the pain associated with many of these ailments.

Athletic exhaustion
Back Pain
Burning Feet
Diabetes Pain/Neuropathy
Foot Pain

Flat Feet
Heel and Bone Spurs
High Arches

Hip Pain

Knee Pain
Morton’s Neuroma
Plantar Fasciitis

Poor Circulation

 LoveYourFeetNow! insoles have a  therapeutic effect. In the beginning, your feet may feel warm, as the  blood circulation increases. 

This reduces and stabilizes the few days. Tenderness to your feet may occur during the first few days. 

This is because the fluid “exercises” your feet as your foot movement becomes more elastic. 

 If you feel tenderness the first day of wear, take them out for the day and start over the next day. You may need to wear our insoles in increments and increase daily until they feel natural. 

While pain relief is immediate we find that maximum benefit of our massaging insole occurs after a couple of days use.

Athletic Exhaustion

Athletes suffer from many forms of not only exhaustion but muscle pain, stress and even injuries. In the event of major swelling around joints or severe muscle pain, we recommend you seek professional medical advice. 

Our product is wonderful, but it is not an eliminator of a professional opinion or attention! During any type of sporting activity, the foot absorbs a tremendous amount of stress and loading forces, sometimes reaching over 20 times the persons own body weight. 

LoveYourFeetNow! insoles Insoles, are designed with our newly engineered seal locations allowing the Active Flow Media to travel not only along the complete length of the foot, but also across its width in micro seconds to reduce these loading forces by up to 85%. 

The impact up through the feet, legs, joints and into the lower back is reduced at such a huge rate that after such events recovery is far quicker, allowing the athlete to rest and recover not only physically, but mentally. 


 Arthritis in the feet can be most difficult to live with as the entire body places weight onto them with every step. LoveYourFeet Now! insoles allow the weight to be distributed across a larger area than on those sensitive pressure points putting less stress on those painful joints. 

With the body weight loading forces being reduced up to 85%, it also reduces the impact in the joints giving greater relief. Most individuals with arthritis in their feet find themselves walking out of balance and alignment due to pain. 

LoveYourFeet Now! insoles assist with balance and alignment as our Active Flow Media travels under all areas of the foot in micro seconds. 

You will feel immediate relief with LoveYourFeet Now! insoles. 

Back Pain

 Back Pain can be one of the most excruciating ailments to live with. It effects our ability to simply “live life”!

What should be a daily routine of working, enjoying family activities, walking, standing, sitting and even laying down, can become a nightmare of pain!

 LoveYourFeet Now! insoles allow the back to be aligned as the Active Flow Media travels under the feet to find areas of voids requiring support. 

It also relieves up to 85% of the impact of each step, greatly reducing stress and loading forces on the lower back joints. 

You will feel immediate relief from pain during standing, walking, working and even running. 


 Relief from Bunions in many cases can be given by the simple relief of pressure on the isolated area. 

The problem is that when using items such as pads or insoles that do not work, it places uneven amounts of pressure on surrounding areas of the foot. 

LoveYourFeet Now! insole’sActive Flow Media, will travel under the foot to give the perfect amount of padding and support to not only the effected area, but to every part of the foot. 

LoveYourFeet Now! insoles will help in controlling the abnormal foot movement and prevent the bunion from getting worse. 

This reduction in pressure will allow your foot to regain its correct shape as well as walking becomes natural again and it can even eliminate the need for surgery. 

Burning Feet

 There are many causes of Burning Feet, primarily Diabetes and Athletes Foot. 

 Lack of Circulation is a big factor related to Burning Feet. Simply put, increasing circulation can be a massive relief from burning feet. 

LoveYourFeet Now! insole’s Active Flow Media travels under the foot in every single direction. From the heel to the arch and to the ball of the foot. 

This flowing back and forth with every step allows the muscles to be massaged, promoting blood flow and circulation with the end result being a more natural feeling in the foot. 

The other advantage with LoveYourFeet Now! insoles is they can be placed into the freezer. 

This allows a cooling effect on the skin for a period of time until they warm. 

Repeat as needed to feel a wonderful soothing effect on the foot. 


 LoveYourFeet Now! insoles allow the inflamed and sore area to experience a more evenly placed support under the foot. 

The Active Flow Media will provide added support to the body and inflamed area and reduce the effects of friction from the footwear. 

Over time the effected area will be returned to in many cases, close to if not original condition. 

Diabetes Pain/Neuropathy

 Approximately 16 million Americans suffer from Diabetes. Over 25% of these will develop foot problems related to the disease. 

Diabetic Neuropathy is a very serious condition. 

At all times a Doctors advice and professional treatment is critical. Circulation is critical with this condition. LoveYourFeet Now! insoles and the Active Flow Media will help with circulation like nothing else. 

Limited sensation to the feet is another major issue. With lack of nerve signals traveling to the brain, abnormal pressure points can create sores and open wounds without any warning. 

This impairment of feeling can also prevent you from recognizing that a new type of shoe may be required. 

LoveYourFeet Now! insoles allow even support to be placed under the entire foot without the need for expensive orthotics. Additionally the Active Flow Media will absorb up to 85% of the shock from the body being applied to the foot, creating a cushioned feeling. 

This decrease in foot pressure will help prevent the formation of plantar ulcerations. 

Foot Pain

 Foot pain comes in many forms. LoveYourFeet Now! insoles are here to help relieve and in a lot of cases eliminate the foot pain you suffer with. 

Many of them described within these ailment treatments. 

Common foot pain relief can come from simply creating a more comfortable footwear sensation. Many times it is recommended to go the expensive route and change your footwear fashion when there is really no need.

LoveYourFeet Now! insoles will give you the comfort, support and relief, allowing you to wear even the most uncomfortable, but stylish shoes – from high heels to formal thin sole fashion wear and even flip flops. 

Your foot pain solution is with LoveYourFeet Now! insoles 

Flat Feet

 A common treatment for flat feet is the use of an orthotic. 

This orthotic can provide  support to the arch giving relief to the strain on the tendons connecting the heel and the ball of the foot. 

LoveYourFeetNow! insoles create and natural form of support for the arch of the foot. They can be used in conjunction with an orthotic or in place of one. 

Additionally, the Active Flow Media will create a massaging sensation under the arch, providing an increase in blood flow and circulation. Without correct support, this aliment can lead to Plantar Fasciitis. 

LoveYourFeetNow! insoles can also be moved from one shoe to another compared to the expensive option of orthotics. Which are usually formed to fit only a small range of your footwear. LoveYourFeetNow! insoles will also allow you to wear your favorite dress shoes, heels or flat, without the pain.  


 A form of arthritis, it can cause sudden extreme pain. 

The large toe is the most commonly affected area but it can also affect the knees, ankle and foot. Gout is caused by abnormal deposits of Uric acid crystals in the joint cartilage. 

There is no cure for Gout, but it can be treated and controlled. 

LoveYourFeet Now! insoles and our Active Flow Media will allow pressure relief from those painful joints. 

The cushion and support you will allow you to feel immediate relief as well as provide an increase in balance and blood circulation. 

You do not need to continue with the pain and discomfort from Gout. 

Heel and Bone Spurs

 Bone Spurs are especially common in the joints of the spine and the feet. 

Bone Spurs also form in the feet in response to tight ligaments, activities such as running and dancing, overweight and poorly fitting tight shoes. 

LoveYourFeet Now! insoles and our Active Flow Media will create an immediate feeling of relief along the entire foot. 

The Flow Media will travel to all areas of the foot requiring support and blood circulation. 

Each of the pressure sensitive areas will be supported evenly and with a moving and adjusting cushion that fits precisely to your body requirements. 

Once this support is in place, it will allow this condition to be healed correctly. 

High Arches

 Although finding a lot of reading material is not available for this topic, it can be summed up by saying it can be an open door to Plantar Fasciitis if not treated correctly. 

Athletes or military service members are more likely to get Plantar Fasciitis due to how their feet strike the ground and due to the limited flexibility in their feet and the repetitiveness of the activity. 

It is critical that the tendons underneath the arch be supported as much as possible and that they continually be massaged to relieve any possible tension. 

LoveYourFeet Now! insoles will provide not only support to your high arch, but also give you added balance and increase blood circulation due to the constant back and forth movement of the Active Flow Media.

 You will need to support in all of your shoes. LoveYourFeet Now! insoles allow you to simply move the product from one shoe to another without the expense of custom orthotics. It’s that simple! 

Hip Pain

 LoveYourFeet Now! insoles allow your body to improve its alignment which then reduces the pressure on sensitive joints. 

The hip joint is like all other joints. When incorrectly aligned it causes irritations and pain. 

Our Active Flow Media moves along and under your feet to correctly provide balance and support to all areas that previously had not experienced it. 

This new found support and comfort will allow your hips to align and properly support your body. 

Knee Pain

 How much better our daily walking would be if we did not have the concerns of dealing with sore and painful knees. 

Whether from injury, illness, weight or just a family inheritance, our knees are critical to getting from point A to point B. Besides the obvious treatments for knee pain such as elevation, ice, rest, compression and tight wrapping, 

LoveYourFeet Now! insoles can be a form of preventative maintenance. 

Our knees experience a tremendous impact every time we step, let alone any form of physical activity. 

Our Insoles can absorb up to 85% of the impact forces the body places on the feet. The Active Flow Media acts like a active cushion, moving along and across the bottom of the foot, absorbing the impact and providing support and balance. Experience relief today! 

Morton’s Neuroma

 Common treatments are to avoid wearing tight, pointy or high-heeled shoes, ice packing the area for 10-15 min periods, anti-inflammatory medicine, resting your feet when possible, reducing activities that place pressure on the toes along with massaging the feet to relax the muscles around the nerve.

 Special pads and devices may also be recommended to assist. LoveYourFeet Now! insoles will provide a cushion of padding under the sensitive ball area. The Active Flow Media will provide a natural massaging effect and allow the foot to sit evenly in the shoe. 

This active cushion effect allows for the foot to feel comfort with every step 


 Metatarsalgia is often referred to as a symptom rather than as a specific disease. 

Athletes are a prime target as they apply a sudden force to the forefoot. The first and second metatarsal heads receive the greatest amount during this energy transfer. 

A runner may absorb 110 tons per foot during a 1 mile run. Along with this common cause, things like High Arch,  Excessive Pronation, Hammertoe, persistent stress, Tight Achilles Tendon etc. 

LoveYourFeet Now! insoles provides a soothing massage effect between the joints of the ball of the foot, elevating and eliminating this pain. Our Active Flow Media actively flows and adjust to every foot type, size and shape. 

The insoles absorb the uneven pressure that exists between the inflamed joints. 

Plantar Fasciitis

 Plantar Fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. It is caused by the repeated strain on the plantar fascia, the ligament that connects the heel bone to the toes, supporting the arch of the foot. 

Causes can be from rolling the feet inward while walking, having high arches or flat feet, running, walking or standing for long periods of time. 

Treatment can vary from resting the feet, doing calf stretches, wearing good shoes with good arch support and cushioned sole. It is also recommended that the foot be rolled back and forth over a round object. 

LoveYourFeet Now! insoles provide exactly the treatment described above. The Active Flow Media provides customized support to the arch, regardless of foot shape or degree of high arch. This includes either pronation or supination of the foot. 

Regardless of the activity, LoveYourFeetNow! insoles provide support under the arch and provide a continuous massage along the entire length of the foot. 

It is sound advice from a doctor to instruct a patient suffering from this ailment to roll their foot over a tennis ball or round object. This constant massaging is the only type of remedy that can actually heal this ailment. 

Wearing LoveYourFeet Now! insoles can help to heal Plantar Fasciitis within as little as 2 weeks but up to 10 weeks depending on the severity and the activity of the individual. Try our insoles and see just how amazing this form of relief can be. 

Poor Circulation

 Poor circulation is described in just about all of the above ailments. It is can be caused from many different types of issues. 

The main thing to understand that the only way to increase circulation is to induce blood flow. When it comes to the human body this would be done by some type of massaging technique. This massaging is a natural form of action with LoveYourFeet Now! insoles. 

The Active Flow Media travels not only from heel to toe but also across the foot, creating a massaging sensation that can only be compared to a massage therapist. 

This stimulation allows the muscles to relax and the blood flows to each vessel extremity. Our Insoles are your solution to Poor Circulation.