Massaging Insoles End Foot Pain Now

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Like walking on a beach

Like walking on a beach

Like walking on a beach



Wearing LoveYourFeetNow! lnsoles  is like walking on a sandy beach or soft grassy ground – barefoot! Love  Your Feet massaging Insoles put your feet back in their  healthy, natural environment. We stop pain and heal without expensive  drugs or custom orthotics. 

 LoveYourFeetNow lnsoles are precisely  filled with a vegetable based, food-grade glycerin. 

This Fluid  Orthotic provides arch support, cushioning, massage and a variable,  ever-changing surface for walking, standing and light impact sports. . 

Arch Support

Like walking on a beach

Like walking on a beach


LoveYourFeetNow! are fluid orthotics.  Unlike off-the-shelf hard orthotics,· LoveYourFeetNow  provide custom arch support while being much gentler and more comfortable to the feet ending foot pain. This is how massaging insoles work. 

When LoveYourFeetNow!  are worn the low parts of the foot, such as the ball and the heel,  force the glycerin into all the high, unsupported areas such as  the arch.  Because of the liquid’s properties when under pressure, this  result in natural arch support; not too high or too low. 



Like walking on a beach



 When the pressure  inside the insole has equalized, the foot is actually floated off the  shoe, providing excellent cushioning and shock absorption without  making the shoes tight. 

Cushioning is vital to protecting ankles, knees,  hips and lower back when  standing or walking on hard surfaces. 


Therapeutic effect



  Alternating heel to toe pressure forces the 1 liquid back and forth, providing a soothing massage,  SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASING CIRCULATION TO THE FEET. 

1 Year warranty

Therapeutic effect

Therapeutic effect


 LoveYourFeetNow! insoles contain a greater volume of fluid than any other brand. 

Additional fluid creates better shock absorption and massaging action. Our edge seams are wider to make the insoles last  longer.

OCCASIONAL BREAKAGE  OCCURS. If you have any problem during the one year warranty period, we  will unquestioningly send you a replacement pair. 

Therapeutic effect

Therapeutic effect

Therapeutic effect


 LoveYourFeetNow! insoles have a  therapeutic effect. 

In the beginning, your feet may feel warm, as the  blood circulation increases. 

This reduces and stabilizes the first 2  weeks. 

Also, soreness may occur during the first two weeks. This is because the fluid “exercises” your feet as your foot movement becomes more elastic. 

Business Opportunities

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Massaging Insoles




Some people may experience tenderness during the first few days of wearing our insoles. 

This is because the fluid “exercises” your feet as your foot movement becomes more elastic.   


If you experience any tenderness or soreness in the first few hours of wear, stop, take out the insoles and start over the next day.

It may take a day or two for your feet to become accustomed to the massaging action.