Royal Purple (TM) seat cushion



Royal Purple™ Seat Cushion – only $95 (Includes tax, S&H)
A deep 2” of ultra-plush supportive Purple™ provides that much-needed pressure relief and longed-for support. Perfect for home and office, the Extreme cushion is also very popular among professional truckers

LoveYourFeetNow! is a master distributor for Purple™, has the exclusive rights to market seat cushions made with the patented Column-Buckling Gel technology.

Column Buckling Gel is a cushioning surface that enables pressure redistribution and equalization through a pressure ‘threshold’ technology comprising hollow columns in a hyper elastic Polymer. 

Nothing cushions like Purple™ because the further you push into other cushions, the harder they push back. Because of its pressure threshold technology, Purple™ cushions ‘know’ where to stand firm and where to give way in order to eliminate pressure hot spots and at the same time provide support and alignment to the body.

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 This patented column-buckling gel technology has been used for over 20 years in therapeutic care of advanced critical care hospital patients. 

After it was clinically shown to heal pressure sores, this Column-Buckling Gel technology has been used in Intensive Care Units, Burn Centers and Critical Care Units in the best hospitals all around the world. 

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Make your employees more productive by providing the Purple seat cushion for their desks or fleet of vehicles.

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Life can be a pain in the butt...Purple cushion saves the day.